Constitution of the Trimble County Kentucky Historical Society

Article I

The name of the Society shall be TRIMBLE COUNTY HISTORIAL SOCIETY.


Article II

The purpose of this Society shall be to accumulate materials relative to the history of our county or region, to collect books, pamphlets, maps, for the use of the community and tourists alike; to preserve and to mark sites involved in community history; and to share the knowledge gained in these pursuits through publications, pageants, programs; involvement in the Kentucky Historical Society program and through Information Technology.


Article III

Membership shall be of several classes:

1.  Active:  Any person interested in the purpose of the Society with all dues paid and current.

2.  Institutional/Organizational:  Any school, library, or other organization who wishes to be a member.

3.  Life Members:  Contributing a sum equal to or more than $150.00.


Article IV

The Society shall meet on the Third Saturday of the month from April to December annually.


Article V

Officers and Directors

Section 1:

Officers shall consist of a President, a Vice-President, a Secretary, a Treasurer, and three Directors, more if necessary, each of whom shall be elected for a period of two years.


Section 2:

The Officers and the Directors shall constitute the Board of Directors.  All should have attended at least six regular meetings of the last nine scheduled Meetings.  This includes members representing the Society on outside activities and events on scheduled Meeting days.  Such members shall give a followup report at the next scheduled Meeting.


Article VI



Section 1:  All Officers and Directors shall be elected by plurality of votes cast at the Annual Business Meeting every other year.  The Annual Business Meeting shall be the Regular Meeting of the month of December.


Section 2:  The Committee on Nominations shall submit a state of suggested Officers at the Annual Business Meeting.


Section 3:  Nominations may also be made by a Member of the Society from the Floor at the Annual Meeting.  All candidates for the office must be an individual active Member.


Section 4:  Officers and Directors shall be installed at the close of the meeting at which they are elected and shall serve until their successors have been duly elected and installed.


Section 5:  In the event of a resignation of an Officer or Director, the President shall request the Committee on Nominations to recommend a person to fill that position.  The regular procedure in Section(s) 2 and 3 will be followed.


Section 6:  A Fund Raising Committee consisting of three (3) Members to be appointed by the President with the purpose of setting up activities in Trimble County to procure extra funds shall be formed.  This committee will bring before the Society for vote the use of said funds.


Article VII

This Constitution may be amended at any regular or called meeting by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of those voting provided notice was given at the previous meeting.  All proposed Amendments shall be submitted in writing.



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